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Introduction is a professional network for developers that provides the latest tech news and articles all in one place.

We curate posts from over 1300 tech news sources and present them in a single feed that you can customize to your interests using tags. Our platform helps you save time by finding high-quality posts, so you can stay up-to-date and stay ahead of the curve as a developer.

Quick start guide

We want you to get the most out of, so we've put together this quick start guide to help you make the most of our platform and our community.

Step 1: Install 🚀

You can use as a browser extension or as a progressive web app (PWA). Also available on the Google Play store as Android app

We recommend the browser extension, which sets your new tab to show and helps you develop a good reading habit. But don't worry, you can always pause the new tab functionality if you need to focus!

Step 2: Set up your feed 🎯

Once you've installed the extension or accessed the web app, the next step is to create your personal feed. This allows you to customize to your preferences and interests, providing you with the most relevant tech and developer news.

Step 3: Engage with other developers 👏

Check out some of our key features and start engaging with other developers on our platform to help grow your professional network and make new connections.

Step 4: Build your presence 🦸

On, You can create a profile. With a profile, you can comment on posts, upvote, bookmark useful posts, showcase your reading with our DevCard, and much more!

Step 5: Customize the look and feel 🌈

Make look and feel the way you want! Customize the theme, layout, card density, and other cool preferences to personalize your experience.