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Creating Your Squad

A cover image for squads

What is a Squad?

A Squad is a group where you and other developers can come together to learn and interact on topics that matter to you. You can think of Squads like any other online group but geared specifically towards developers.

On Squads, you can share knowledge, ask questions, and engage in discussions, all within a private group of your peers.

Squads can center around your team, a project, a community, or anything else. It can be about a topic, a mutual goal, or just having fun together. The possibilities are endless (but keep it clean).

Key features of Squads

Here are some of the features that are now live as part of Squads:

  • Create a Squad: Starting today, you all have the ability to create your own Squads, complete with a unique name, image, and description.
  • Invite your friends and colleagues: invite developers you know and appreciate to your Squad, facilitate the discussion, manage interesting links together, and more!
  • Create new posts: Members of a Squad can create new posts, share links from the feed or external sources, enhancing interaction and discussion. It has full markdown support too!
  • Discuss with your Squad: Squads feature the option for members to comment and engage in discussions on the posts shared within the Squad itself.
  • Moderate Your Squad: As an admin, you have access to moderation tools to manage posts, comments, and member interactions. Keep your Squad discussions healthy, respectful, and focused.

How to Create a Squad

Creating a new Squad is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Start a new Squad: On your left sidebar, find and click the "Create Squad" button.
  2. Name your Squad: Choose a name and handle that represents the theme or focus of your Squad.
  3. Add an Image: You can choose to upload an image that will serve as the cover photo for your Squad. This could be a logo, an icon, or any image related to your Squad's topic.
  4. Write a Description: Describe what your Squad is about. This is a great place to detail the main topic, what members can expect, and why they should join.

Remember, the most vibrant Squads are those with active participation. Encourage your members to contribute, share their knowledge, and engage in discussions. With your leadership and the tools provided by, your Squad is well on its way to becoming a dynamic and valuable community for developers.

Squad Visibility (Private vs. Public)

You can choose the visibility of your Squad:

  1. Private Squads (default): Only members can view and contribute to the Squad content. You control invitations.
  2. Public Squads (in closed beta): Everyone can see the content, and the posts may organically appear on the main feed. Read more about how to become a Public Squad.

By understanding and utilizing these tools and settings effectively, you can shape your Squad into a vibrant, engaging, and respectful community.

Congratulations! You've created your first Squad. In the following pages, you'll learn how to invite other developers, manage posts and discussions, and use various admin and moderation tools to help your Squad thrive.