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Filtering content is designed to help you stay up to date with minimal effort.

For this reason, filtering your feed is probably the most powerful feature of


Tags you choose and tags you block only affect "My Feed".

They do not affect the other feeds:

  • Popular
  • Most Upvoted
  • Best discussions

Setting up your feed

To set up your tags for the first time, click on the "Choose Tags" button at the top of the page (1).

Button located at top of feed "choose tags" (1)

You will see a modal with more information about tags, click "continue" (2).

Create my feed information modal, buttons to skip and continue (2)

Choose tags to follow

You will see a further modal where you have the following options:

Search for a specific tag.

You can use the search field (3) to look for a tag.

Once you have found the tag you are looking for click the + button to follow it.

Feed filters setup modal, with search bar at the top (3), list of tag categories below. Each tag category has a "follow all" button (4) next to it

Follow a group of tags

e.g. Blockchain, Career, Cloud etc.

Click on the "Follow all" button (4) on a tag group to follow all the tags within that group. They will all be added to your feed filters.

You can choose as many of these as you want.

Follow specific tags

Alternatively you can click on the group name (5) and select individual tags that interest you from the list of tags that appear below (6).

Once you have found all the tags that you want to follow you can just click the "Create" button (7) to complete the process and create your personalized feed.

Feed filters setup modal showing a tag category (5) and the tags within it when it is expanded (6). At the bottom there is a "Create" button (7)

You can always change your followed tags at any time.


Wondering how classifies articles? Learn more about how we built our article tagging system

Available tag groups

B - EF - OO - W
BlockchainFundamentalsOther Languages
CareerGaming & 3DProduct & Design
CloudHardware & FirmwarePython
DatabaseJVMSecurity & Privacy
Data ScienceManagementTech News
Developer ToolsMobile DevelopmentTesting
DevOps & SRE.NETWeb Development
EntrepeneurshipOpen Source

Please Note: Tags might be included in multiple tag groups.

Advanced filtering

If you want even more control over your feed you can check out the advanced filtering page.

This will help you further fine-tune the types of content on your feed.