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Pause New Tab (DND)

90% of the time you will love having as your new tab.

But occassionally you may need to focus and not get distracted by interesting articles and tech news.

We understand that, so we built the "Pause new tab" (Do No Disturb) feature (1).

This allows you to disable the extension temporarily for a period of time you decide.

highlighting the "pause new tab" feature button, 9th item down in the menu (item 1)

Activating Pause New Tab Mode

One you have clicked on the "Pause new Tab" button, a modal will appear with options for duration and the URL you want to show while the pause is in effect.

Currently, there are five options available for you to pause (1):

  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • Until tomorrow
  • Custom (lets you set the exact amount of time you want to pause for)
modal with 3 items highlighted, the radio buttons for time to pause (1), the default URL input above the radio buttons (2) and the "done" button (3)

Setting the default URL when paused (optional)

Once you set a period for pausing a new tab, you will be redirected to a default URL every time you open a new tab. In most browsers, the default is Google search.

However, you can select a different URL used as your new tab while is paused (2).

Once you have set the duration and the optional default URL click done to apply Pause new tab (3).