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There are four feeds on, and each feed has its own ranking logic:

  1. My feed
  2. Popular feed
  3. Most upvoted feed
  4. Best discussions feed

Do you prefer a video version? Here is a 6 minutes video that will explain all of them one by one

My feed

Your feed contains articles that are relevant to you and your interests (once you have set it up).

Creating your personal feed

If you are new to then you might want to know that the first thing we strongly recommend is setting up filters on your feed.

This will unlock the true power of, showing articles that are relevant to your interests.

There are 3 guides to help you get the most out of your feed:

Once you have followed the steps in those guides you will have "My Feed" setup exactly to your likes and interests!

The popular feed uses our ranking algorithm to provide you with articles that are recent, gaining lots of traffic and gaining lots of positive responses from the community (either via upvotes or positive comments).

To explain this further, let's quickly look at a brief overview of how articles are ranked on our popular feed.

Once an article is being picked up by, it starts to rank.

The ranking is determined by several factors, including:

  • the unique number of times this article was read
  • the number of upvotes this post got from our community members
  • the freshness of the article (i.e., when it was published)
  • other parameters related to the content-quality and engagement levels.

That way, we can increase the probability that interesting and valuable posts will surface up the feed.

However, sometimes you may just want to see the latest articles we have picked up without our ranking algorithm influencing what you see. So we also added the ability to sort the popular list "By Date".

Sort by date

There is a drop-down (should be enabled by default) that allows you to change the order of the popular feed.

If it isn't activated on your profile then switching it on is straight forward:

Click the "Customize" button on the sidebar (1)

Sidebar menu with the "Customize" button highlighted, last item in the main menu section (1)

Switch on the toggle, "Show feed sorting menu"

Customize modal with the "Show feed sorting menu" toggle highlighted (2)

Go back to the popular feed, and you should see a new sorting option on the upper right corner (3).

You can then choose to change the feed to sort either "By Date" or by "Recommended" (4).

The drop-down located top right of the "Popular" feed is highlighted (3). The drop-down is open showing "Recommended" and "By date" as options (4)

Most upvoted feed

In the "Most upvoted" Feed, we feature the most upvoted articles currently on the platform.

The ranking in this feed works by the number of upvotes over a given timescale.

The higher the upvote count is, the higher the article will be listed in the feed.

Changing the date filter

The default view is the most upvoted posts of the last 7 days.

However, you can choose to filter it to a different time frame using the drop-down (5).

There are 3 options (6):

  • Last week
  • Last month
  • Last year
The drop-down located top right of the "Most upvoted" feed is highlighted (5). The drop-down is open showing "Last week", "Last month" and "Last year" as options (6)

Best discussions feed

In the "Best discussions" feed, we show the most interesting discussions currently taking place on

The ranking is determined by multiple factors including:

  • the reputation levels of the people who commented
  • the freshness of the comments
  • the number of upvotes on the comments

and a few others, designed to help you find engaging and interesting discussions you can participate in!