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Upvotes & Downvotes

Upvotes and Downvotes are common methods used in community-driven products to allow users to signal their approval or disapproval for a post. This voting system serves to push quality content to the forefront and helps us refine our recommendation engine to better serve our users.


Keep in mind that you can only select either of the two options - upvote or downvote for a post, but not both. This helps us ensure the integrity and accuracy of our voting system.

Upvoting in 👍

In, upvotes are a great way to acknowledge quality of posts, show support and appreciation for the work of others. If you find a post helpful, it's highly encouraged to upvote it for several reasons:

  1. It helps the feed algorithm understand that the community approves of the post, enabling us to show the most interesting posts to our community.
  2. It gives recognition to content creators for their hard work in creating content.
  3. It signals to other community members that a post is interesting, saving them time and effort in finding engaging posts to read.

Downvoting in 👎

On the other hand, downvotes are used to indicate that a you didn't find a post helpful or interesting. Here's why downvoting is also important:

  1. It provides critical feedback that helps improve our recommendation engine. The more accurate the recommendations, the better your experience on
  2. Even though the number of downvotes is private and not visible to anyone, each downvote still impacts the post's ranking in the feed.
  3. After downvoting, you can take follow-up actions such as blocking the source or tags associated with the post or even reporting the post if you find it inappropriate or irrelevant.

How to Upvote

To upvote a post in, simply click on the bottom-left button (1) on the post card. Your upvote will contribute to the community's feedback and appreciation for the content.

How to Downvote

To downvote a post, you can either do it from the post page itself or in the feed. Simply click on the more options menu for each card, and then select downvote. Once you downvote a post, you won't be able to upvote it.

Upvote and downvote pic