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Here you can set the some other preferences to fine-tune the user experience of using, including:

  1. Hide read posts
  2. Open links in new tab
  3. Show custom shortcuts
  4. Show feed sorting menu

Hide read posts

Turning this toggle switch on will make sure that every post you read will disappear from your feed after you've read it.

The default setting in is that links to posts are opened in a new tab. However, if you turn this toggle switch off, will open post in your current tab.

Show custom shortcuts

Turning this toggle switch off will hide the quick links to your custom shortcuts/most visited sites from the feed.

Show feed sorting menu

Turning this toggle switch on will add a dropdown menu to My feed and Popular feed, enabling you to sort those feeds By date or by Recommendation.

Show weekly goal widget

Turning this toggle switch off, you will no longer see the weekly goal widget in your sidebar.

Enable companion

Turning this toggle switch on will activate the companion widget.