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Advanced filtering

Unlock the full potential of your feed with advanced content filtering options based on content categories.

What are the advanced filtering options?

Why settle for basic filtering based on tags when you can have more control over your feed? Sometimes, posts may contain tags that you follow, but the content might not be exactly what you're looking for. That's where configuring your feed based on content categories can come in handy, as content categories are treated separately from the tags you follow.

Configure your content categories

Click on the "My Feed" filter button to open the feed options menu, as shown below:

Choose "Advanced" from the feed filters menu, as illustrated below:

Highlight of the tag selection menu

Once on the Advanced menu, you'll have access to several on/off toggle switches that allow you to fine-tune your feed based on your preferences. These options include:

Community PicksCommunity Picks are individual posts that are sourced by community members. They are normally high quality and or highly entertaining posts that the community feels are valuable. Learn more
NewslettersShow posts that were published in developer newsletters. Such posts usually contain curated lists and opinionated essays.
Non-editorial contentShow user-generated posts that were created on blogging platforms that are not editor dirven. Such posts may not be checked professional editors for factual accuracy, spelling, grammar etc.
Product launchesShow posts that aim to help you discover new product launches or significant releases to existing developer tools.
ShowcasesShow posts that aim to showcase a project or contain predominently code snippets. These posts usually provide a demo-only of the showcased work without broader context around it.
Tech magazinesShow tech news posts not directly related to programming but still focused on tech. For example, reports about tech companies, startups, venture capital, and scientific discoveries.

Use these toggle switches to easily configure your content categories and personalize your feed to your liking. Take control of your content consumption and make the most out of your experience.

How to block specific sources or tags?

If you want to filter out a specific source (or block a specific tag), please check out this guide on blocking sources or tags.