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Why are bookmarks important

Staying up to date can also be done async. So, you've seen an interesting article and want to read it later? That's where bookmarks come into play.

Saving bookmarks is pretty straightforward in Let's learn how it works.

How to save an article in the bookmarks?

To bookmark an article, click on the bookmark icon on the article. When you click it, it turns orange, indicating it has been bookmarked. Clicking on it again will remove the bookmark.

Similarly, you can remove bookmarks from the bookmarks section (see below).

How to show all the bookmarks?

Use the toggle button at the header of to toggle between your feed and bookmarks.

Here is an example of how the bookmark page will look like:

Sync bookmarks across devices and browsers

To sync bookmarks across devices and browsers, all you need to do is log in with the same account on every device/browser.