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How to get featured?


We're thrilled to see your interest in sharing your content on our platform. This guide is designed to help you navigate the various methods available for featuring your content on Whether you're an individual developer, a content creator, or representing a company, these pathways will enable you to effectively reach and engage with our diverse and vibrant developer community. Let's explore how you can maximize your impact on and connect with developers worldwide.

Methods to Feature Your Content on

There are three primary ways to have your content featured on

  1. Start a Squad: A Squad is a group where you and other developers can come together around your content on You can think of Squads like any other online group but geared specifically towards developers. Create a Squad on, publish content, share with the community, and build a following.
  2. Suggest a Source: At, we automatically collect posts from a lot of unique sources across the web. All of our sources have been added following a request we got from the community. That's an essential part of our community-driven approach.
  3. Community Picks: Community Picks are posts that are sourced by the community. With Community Picks you can submit links that are added to the feed. These posts can be from nearly any website / online publication, not just from our pre-qualified sources.

Eligibility and Ideal Users for Each Method

MethodEligibility CriteriaIdeal For
SquadsOpen to all users.Individual developers, content creators, and companies looking to build a community and followership.
SourcesMust own a well-known publication or developer blogging platform. Corporate and personal blogs are excluded.Owners of established publications or platforms in the developer community, excluding corporate and personal blogs.
Community PicksAvailable to all users.Any user with more than 250 reputation points. Suitable for those who want to share valuable content with the community, regardless of authorship.

Remember, all content featured on must adhere to our content guidelines, irrespective of the method chosen for submission.

1. Starting a Squad

Create a Squad on to actively engage with the community by sharing your content. This feature is ideal for individuals, professional content creators, and companies seeking to establish a strong online presence and grow their audience on

As a Squad leader, you'll have the unique opportunity to create a dedicated space for your content, interact with your Squad members, and foster a community around your shared interests or expertise. Whether you're an individual blogger, a tech influencer, or a corporate entity, starting a Squad can significantly amplify your reach within the developer community.

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2. Suggesting a Source

If you're the owner of a prominent publication or a developer-focused blogging platform, you can submit your platform to be a content source on This method is specifically designed for established publications in the tech and developer sphere. By submitting your platform, the content you produce is automatically considered for featuring on, providing a wider reach and greater visibility. It's important to note that this does not include corporate or personal blogs, ensuring the content remains diverse and community-focused. Ideal for publishers seeking to enhance their distribution and connect with a broader audience of developers.

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3. Community Picks

The Community Picks feature on is open to all users, offering a democratic way to share and promote content. Whether you're the author or simply a fan of a great article, you can submit individual links for the community to discover. This feature is particularly useful for highlighting valuable and insightful content that may otherwise go unnoticed. Although Community Picks is set to be phased out, it currently serves as a powerful tool for content discovery and sharing within the developer community.

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Wrap up

Getting your content featured on is a clear and user-friendly process. Each method offered - Starting a Squad, Submitting a Source, or utilizing Community Picks - caters to different needs and goals. Your choice should align with your content strategy and intended audience.

Remember, adhering to our content guidelines is crucial, regardless of the method you select. This ensures a positive and constructive environment for all members of the community. By following these paths, you can effectively showcase your content and engage with a diverse and dynamic audience of developers and tech enthusiasts.