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What is a discussion?

Discussions are a great way to get engaged with the community around various topics! This feature is here to help add extra context to every post.

We love this feature since it helps us surface insights from people who have already read the article. Such insights vary widely and range from TLDRs, references to follow-up articles, opinions, and more.

How to participate in a discussion?

There are two options to start/join a discussion:

  1. By clicking on the comment button on the post.
  2. By upvoting and then typing your comment on the post itself.

The easiest way to start or join a discussion is to click on the comment icon (๐Ÿ’ฌ) in the middle-bottom of a post:

Once you click on the comment button, you will see the article page. On this page, you can benefit from system-generated and user-generated content about this article. Primarily you'll be able to engage in a discussion.

At the bottom, you can see all the comments on the post, and they can be upvoted and commented too!

Writing comments in markdown

You can use markdown when commenting on articles ๐ŸŽ‰


  • Headings
  • Text formatting like bold and Italic
  • Lists
  • Links
  • Images (and even animated GIFs!!!)
  • inline code
  • Blockquotes
  • Code snippets
  • and more

Additional features

To spice up the article page, we built into it some other awesome stuff like:

Article meta data

All the details about this article, including title, publish date, reading time, tags, etc.

Table of contents uses the headings in each article to build an automatic table of contents. That's a cool way to get a snapshot of the article and understand what it's about.

Suggested similar posts

Based on the article's data, will also recommend further reading recommendations.

Additionally, we feature some of the most interesting discussions currently available on the platform. That way, you can engage with the community on the hottest topics without going back to the feed.