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What is a discussion?

Discussions are a great way to engage with the community around various topics!

We love this feature since it helps us surface insights from people who have already read the article.

Such insights vary widely and can often contain lots of useful and interesting information that can add a lot to the article (or can just compliment the author on a great article!).

How to participate in a discussion?

Click on any article in the feed to see the article modal.

Beneath the title, TLDR and article image you can see all the comments on the post.

You can be upvote (1), reply (2) to and share (3) individual comments. You can also see the number of upvotes a comment has on the right (4).

Article modal with lower half highlighted. On one comment there is a highlight showing the upvote button (1), the comment button (2), the share button (3) and the number of upvotes (4)

or you can add your own comment on the article itself.

Add a comment

There are two options to start/join a discussion:

  1. Click on the comment button in the article modal.
  2. Use the Companion widget.

The easiest way to start or join a discussion is to click on the comment icon at the middle-bottom of a post:

Once you click on the comment button, you will see the comment modal.

Comment modal highlighting the comment textbox (5)

You can then leave a comment using markdown in the comment box (5).

Writing comments in markdown

You can use markdown when commenting on articles ๐ŸŽ‰


  • Headings (using # for a h1 through to ###### for a h6 )
  • Text formatting like **bold** and *Italic*
  • Lists (using - item)
  • Links (using [link text](https://YourFullURL))
  • Images and animated GIFs (using ![alt text](https://fullImageURL))
  • inline code (using `backticks around your code`)
  • Blockquotes (using > your quote)
  • Code snippets (using ``` triple backticks on the lines before and after your snippet ```)
  • and more, check out the markdown guide for more ways you can use markdown (not all features are supported).

We only support pure markdown in comments, HTML will be converted to plain text.

@Mention people!

You can @mention people in comments! Simply type the @ character and start writing the first few characters of their name.

Comment modal highlighting the @mention drop-down (6)

A list of matches will appear based on what you write, select the person you want to mention (6) and it will auto complete their name for you.

Once you post the comment they will be notified that you mentioned them (if they have notifications switched on)

Preview your comment

When writing a comment you can click on the "Preview" button at the top of the modal to check your comment looks great before posting!

Additional features

We built some great and informative quality of life items into the article modal, such as:

Article meta data

All the details about this article, including the title (a), TLDR (b), tags (c), published date (d), reading time (e) and cover image (f).

Article modal showing the main section at the top containing the title (a), with the TLDR below (b), the articles tags below the TLDR (c), the published date (d) and reading time (e) below that and finally the article image at the bottom (f)

Table of contents uses the headings in each article to build an automatic table of contents (7).

A great way to get a snapshot of the article and understand what it's about, in addition to the TLDR.

The right sidebar / aside on the article modal highlighting the table on contents (7), the reading recommendations (8) and articles with interesting discussions (9)

Suggested similar posts

Based on the article's data, will also recommend further reading recommendations (8).

Best discussions

Additionally, we feature some of the most interesting discussions (9) currently available on the platform.

That way, you can engage with the community on the hottest topics without going back to the feed.

  • Clicking on a particular row in the table of contents will open up the article on that specific heading.
  • Clicking on the number of upvotes on a comment will display a list of the users who upvoted the post or comment (10).
top left shows the number of upvotes button (4) and below and to the right the list of users who upvoted are shown (10)