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Community Picks

Community Picks are articles that are sourced by the community.


To get access to this feature you first need to earn the Scout privilege (min. 250 reputation points). Only people with the Scout privilege can submit links and are limited to 3 submissions per day. Learn more about how to gain reputation points

Quick Overview Video

Community Picks in the feed

Community Picks are articles that are added to the feed by our community members. These articles can be from nearly any website / online publication, not just from our 400+ sources.

How can I spot a community pick?

On a card in the feed there is always an icon showing the source in the top left.

screenshot showing the community picks icon on the top left of a card

Clicking on this icon will take you to the community picks feed.

Community Picks feed

All of the articles submitted by the community are available in the Community Picks feed.

Submitting / Scouting a Community Pick

We want you to submit articles that made a real difference to your tech journey. Whether they are in-depth tutorials, interesting perspectives on tech problems, or well thought out and high effort entertainment pieces aimed at developers.

Above all, we want articles that you believe need more exposure, from authors you admire, that you believe will benefit the developer community.

Low effort, poor quality and (self) promotional content will be removed to ensure a high standard on the platform.


Before submitting a Community Pick, you should read the Community Picks Guidelines to ensure your article is suitable for the feed.

Also note: Submitting a link to the feed (AKA Scouting) via Community Picks is straight forward, however you may not have access to Community Picks yet if you do not have enough reputation.

Reputation Requirements

To be able to submit a Community Pick you need to have at least 250 reputation on Once you reach this threshold you will earn the Scout privilege.


Learn how to gain reputation and how reputation works.

If you do not have enough reputation to submit a link you will see a message telling you that you do not have enough reputation and the submit button will be disabled.

On the menu on the left you will see a section "Contribute" containing a button "Submit article".

Clicking on that button will open the "Submit article" modal.

Here you can paste in the article URL and then press submit.

You will then see either a success, already exists or error message.


Please note that we do not accept links with redirects. So please share the final article URL and not a shortened URL from a provider such as bitly or rebrandly.

Please also note that submitting your own articles is not allowed. Please share amazing articles from other authors that you have enjoyed.

Article already exists

If the article already exists in the feed you will see a message explaining the article already exists and a link to that article.

Successful Submissions

If the article you submitted has a valid URL and doesn't already exist you will get a confirmation that you will be notified by email about the request status.

Email confirmation

After a short while (up to an hour) you should receive an email telling you that your article submission was successful. In this email you will find a link to the article on

You can then leave a comment telling people why you added it to the Community Picks if you want!

Rejection Scenarios

There are multiple reasons why a submission to Community Picks could fail.

Before submission

You do not have sufficient permissions and or reputation to submit a link to Community Picks yet.You need 250 reputation and to have not received a ban from posting Community Picks in order to be able to submit a link
You can only submit 3 links per day and have reached your limit. Please try again tomorrow.None
The URL you submitted is not valid, please check and try again.Please include the full url including "https://" etc. when submitting a link
This post has previously appeared in the feed but was deleted and cannot be added to the feed again.We may delete posts that do not meet our content guidelines. Once a post has been deleted it cannot be added to the feed again

After submission (via email)

Failure reasonNotes
We ran into a problem adding this article, our team is looking into it.This is a generic fallback which normally displays when our crawler could not extract some key information such as the title of the article
This post is already on!If you manage to submit an article at the same time as someone else it may be possible that the post will exist once we come to process it and so you will receive this message
The article you submitted is written by an author who violated our community guidelines and is banned. We no longer accept submissions from this author.It is rare we ban authors, but occasionally they consistently post spammy or NSFW content that is not suitable for We will not accept any articles written by these authors.
You can’t submit your own articles as community picks, please suggest articles by other people.Community Picks are not designed for self promotion, instead try submitting articles written by others that you think will benefit the community.
The article you submitted is behind a paywall, so we cannot add it to the feed.We try our best to make sure all articles shared are free for the community. If we detect a paywall then an article will not be accepted for the feed.
There was an error and we were unable to gather the required information from the URL submitted to add it to our feed.If a site has an unusual structure our crawler may not be able to parse the page correctly to create the tags and TLDR.

Gaining Reputation

Not only do you help the community by sharing useful and interesting articles, you can gain more reputation too!

You gain reputation on any link you submit when it receives an upvote (as long as the person upvoting has at least 250 reputation), as well as the post author, if they have a profile on


We plan on releasing more features that are dependant on reputation in the future, so this is a great way to gain reputation while helping the community!

You can submit any article you think is useful or interesting for the developer community.

However, we do prefer that you don't submit "top 10s" and similar listicles.

We also will remove articles that contain profanity in their titles or contain any Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content, imagery etc. For more information, please check out our Content Guidelines.