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There are four feeds on, and each feed has its own ranking logic:

  1. My feed
  2. Popular feed
  3. Most upvoted feed
  4. Best discussions feed

Do you prefer a video version? here is a 6 minutes video that will explain all of them one by one

My feed

Creating your personal feed

If you are new to then you might want to know that the first thing we strongly recommend is filtering your feed. That way, you should get relevant content that would help you stay updated. Click on Create my feed and then follow this guide.

Configuring your personal feed


Wondering where your feed filters are? No worries, we simply relocated them to My feed instead of the Popular feed where they used to be up until now. Your feed settings and filters remain the same as you had in previous versions.

To apply and change your feed settings on your feed, click the feed filters button:

Most popular articles a listed first.

One of the things we're proud of the most, is that we do not do any manual ranking or curation. Everything is automatic. How come? Once an article is being picked up by, it starts to rank. The ranking is determined by several factors, including:

  • The unique number of times this article was read
  • The number of upvotes this post got from our community members
  • The freshness of the article (e.g., when as it published)
  • Other parameters related to the content-quality and engagement levels. Those other parameters aren't playing a major role in the ranking.

That way, we can increase the probability that interesting and valuable posts will surface up the feed. However, the ranking system isn't perfect, and we constantly fine-tune it to achieve the optimal results for our readers.

Sort by date (prev. Recent feed)


The Recent feed is no longer available since v3.11.0. But guess who's back?! You asked we built! The Recent Feed is back! Well… we did upgrade it a bit. Keep reading.

How to activate it?

  1. Make sure you’re using the version 3.13.0 or higher of’s browser extension. If you’re using the web app, skip this step
  2. Go the to Customize menu on the sidebar
  3. Switch on the toggle, saying, Show feed sorting menu
  4. Go back to the popular feed, and you should see a new sorting option on the upper right corner 👀

Most upvoted feed

Most upvoted articles are listed first.

In the Upvoted Feed, we feature the most upvoted articles currently on the platform. The ranking in this feed works by the number of upvotes. The higher the upvote count is, the higher the article will be listed in the feed.


The default view is the most upvoted posts of the last 7 days. However, you can choose to filter it to a different time frame such as "Last Month" or "Last Year".

Best discussions feed

The articles with the best discussions are listed first.

In the Discussed Feed, we offer the most interesting discussions currently on the platform. The ranking is determined by multiple factors like the reputation levels of the people who commented, the freshness of the comments, the number of upvotes on the comments, and more.