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Reputation Explained

What is Reputation?

Reputation is metric that reflect the trust you earn from the community through positive and meaningful interactions. It's a measure of your contributions' impact, visible on your profile. Higher reputation unlocks more privileges, reflecting your role in shaping our community.

Reputation Basics

Once you sign up to you start with 10 points, reflecting the value of joining the community. Your reputation cannot fall below 0, preventing negative scores.

How to Earn Reputation Points


Reputation points are awarded for activities directly linked to your profile and are only affected by upvotes from users with over 250 reputation points, ensuring fairness and authenticity.

Here's how reputation points are earned or lost (latest update: February 2024):

Your post is upvoted*10
Your post is banned*-100
Your comment is upvoted50
Your comment is downvoted-10
You successfully report a post100
Your source suggestion is approved200

Privileges Unlocked with Reputation

Gaining reputation not only increases your influence but also unlocks special privileges:

  • Influence Others: Surpassing 250 points allows your upvotes to contribute to others’ reputation, amplifying your impact within the community.
  • Community Picks: With over 250 points, you're invited to submit links directly, engaging more deeply with content curation.
  • Exclusive DevCard Themes: Accumulating more points unlocks unique themes for your DevCard, personalizing your presence.
  • More to come soon...

Tips for Boosting Your Reputation

Maximize your reputation through thoughtful participation:

  1. Insightful Contributions: Offer unique perspectives or essential information to enrich discussions.
  2. Effective Summaries: Condense information, providing valuable overviews to save others time.
  3. Constructive Feedback: Highlight inaccuracies in a helpful manner, improving content reliability.
  4. Personal Stories: Share relatable dev anecdotes or humorous takes, adding personality and fun.
  5. Supportive Engagement: Positive interactions can significantly enhance the community spirit.

Strive for respectful and constructive contributions, fostering a welcoming and informative environment on

Reputation is Entirely Optional

You don't need reputation to enjoy the essentials: reading news, upvoting, and commenting. Dive into the dev conversations without it.