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Account settings

Profile details

You have the option to personalize your profile by editing your account information. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on your profile picture or avatar at the top right corner of the page to access the account dropdown menu.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select "Account details" to navigate to the profile tab.

On the account settings page, you can edit various personal information, including:

  • Name: You can update your name to display on your profile.
  • Username: You can change your username, which is the unique identifier associated with your account.
  • Profile Picture: Click on the the profile picture itself you'll be able to upload a new image from your device.
  • Bio: You can add or edit a brief bio that will be displayed on your profile.
  • Company: You can add or edit the name of the company you work for.
  • Job Title: You can add or edit your job title.
  • Social Media Accounts: You can add links to your Twitter profile, GitHub profile, etc.
  • Website: You can add or edit your personal website or any other URL.
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Security settings

At, we prioritize the security of your account information. You have control over various security features that allow you to safeguard your profile. Here are some of the security options available to you:

  1. Change Email Address: You can update the email address associated with your account. This allows you to keep your account information up-to-date and ensures that you receive important notifications and updates from
  2. Connect Social Media Auth Providers: You can connect additional social media authentication providers to your account. This adds an extra layer of security and ensures that you never lose access to your profile. It also makes login quick and easy across different devices.
  3. Remove Authorized Login Providers: You can remove the connection between and any authorized login providers that you have previously connected. This gives you control over the authentication methods associated with your account.
  4. Set and Change Password: You can set and change your password to ensure that your account is protected with a strong and unique password. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your profile.
  5. Delete Your Account: If you wish to delete your account, you have the option to do so. Please note that this action is irreversible and will result in the permanent deletion of your account information and data. Learn more
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Notification settings

At, we offer customizable notification settings to keep you informed about important events and updates. You have control over the following options:

  1. Push Notifications: You can choose to turn on or off push notifications from Push notifications are sent directly to your device and notify you of important events such as replies, mentions, updates, and more. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest activities on your profile.
  2. Email Notifications: You can also choose to turn on or off email notifications from Email notifications are sent to your registered email address and provide you with updates and important information about your profile.
  3. Configure Email Notification Settings: If you have chosen to receive email notifications, you can further customize the types of notifications you want to receive.
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Invite friends

You can invite your friends to! Just click the "Copy link" button and share it wherever you want!

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Other settings

In addition to the above-mentioned settings, also provides options to manage your time zone and subscription to the newsletter.

  1. Time Zone: You can edit your time zone settings in order to sync the weekly goal cycles and other time-based stats with your local time. This ensures that the information you see on are aligned with your preferred time zone.
  2. Newsletter Subscription: You can also manage your subscription to the newsletter. You have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter, which provides you with curated content, updates, and news related to the developer community.