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How to suggest a new source


At, we collect posts from a lot of unique sources across the web. All of our sources have been added following a request we got from the community. That's an essential part of our community-driven approach.

We try our best to cover as much quality content as possible. But sometimes, it happens that you like to follow a particular source that's not in our current sources list. We understand that. That's why we have the option to request new sources!


Before you embark on submitting a new source suggestion, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with our content guidelines. These principles are the cornerstone of our content review process and they ensure that our platform maintains its standard of high-quality, relevant, and ethical content. So, take a moment to read through these guidelines thoroughly. Doing so will increase your understanding of what we look for and improve the likelihood of your content being accepted. Your informed contribution can help make our platform an even more enriching resource for our community.


  1. Please read our content guidelines carefully and ensure your publication meets the criteria.
  2. Register to
  3. Make sure your publication has a public RSS feed

Submitting your source

  1. Go to your feed, either in the browser extension or in the web app
  2. Sign up
  3. Click the Suggest new source option on the left sidebar
  4. Insert a URL of your publication's RSS feed (recommended) or a URL to your publication's homepage
  5. Click the Check link button
  6. Choose the relevant rss feed (in case ,utiple ones have been found),
    1. Click the Submit button, and you're good to go

Review process

Once you've successfully submitted a source suggestion our team would manually review it. That's our way to ensure that the content guidelines are met. The review process usually takes up to 30 days.

You can expect to receive the following notifications by email:

  1. Once the source request was successfully sent
  2. Once your source request got approved or rejected
  3. If our team would have a question, they will reach you out directly via email


What happens after my source was approved?

If it gets approved, every new post that is published by this source will be collected by, analyzed, and if it is suitable will be added to the feed. It might take a few days until it is fully synced, so please bear that in mind.

My source got approved, is it permanant?

The community is highly sensitive to content quality and the code of conduct of publishers. After a new source is approved and added to the feed, we continue to monitor it continuously. Our aim is simple -- to maintain and enforce the content guidelines for the benefit of our community.‍ ‍We kindly ask you to refrain from misusing the opportunity to be listed on the feed as it may lead to disqualification of your approved source.

My source request got rejected, Can I submit it again?

Basically, yes. But please be mindful and only submit your source again once you've made a substantial change. If you got rejected and you'd like to get additional information please contact us at

Where can I see the status of my review process?

Besides the email notifications, there's no way to check the status of your source request review process. Your patience is much appreciated :)