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How to suggest a new source


We're delighted you're interested in ading your content to Our platform continuously evolves, enriched by source suggestions from our community. If you've discovered a source that would be a great fit for but isn't currently listed, we invite you to suggest it.


It's crucial to review our content guidelines before suggesting a new source. These guidelines are fundamental to our content review process, ensuring the maintenance of high-quality, relevant, and ethical content. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines will greatly enhance the likelihood of your suggestion being accepted, helping us make an invaluable resource for our community.


  1. Familiarize yourself with our content guidelines.
  2. Register on
  3. Verify that your publication has a public RSS feed.
  4. Ensure the source is a well-known publication or developer blogging platform.
  5. Corporate and personal blogs are not elgible. For corporate and personal blogs, consider starting a Squad instead.

We acknowledge that some of our existing sources may not fully align with these newer criteria. We are dedicated to gradually migrating relevant sources to Squads, ensuring all our content meets these updated standards.

How to Submit Your Source

  1. Go to your feed in the browser extension or the web app.
  2. Sign up or log in.
  3. Select Suggest new source from the left sidebar.
  4. Enter the URL of your publication's RSS feed (preferred) or homepage.
  5. Click Check link.
  6. Choose the relevant RSS feed if multiple are found.
  7. Click Submit for review.

Review Process

Our team manually reviews each submission to ensure it meets our content guidelines. Expect the review process to take up to 30 days.

You will receive email notifications:

  1. Confirming your source request submission.
  2. Informing you if your source has been approved or rejected.
  3. If further information is needed, our team will contact you directly via email at


What Happens After Approval?

Once your source is approved, new posts from your source will be automatically collected, analyzed, and potentially added to the feed going forward. Please note that we do not auto-populate the feed with historical content from newly approved sources. Only content published after the approval date will be considered. Allow a few days for full synchronization.

Is Approval Permanent?

Continuous monitoring of new sources is part of our commitment to maintain content quality. Misuse of the platform could lead to the disqualification of your approved source.

Can I Resubmit a Rejected Source?

Yes, but only after making substantial changes. For additional details or support, contact

How to Track the Review Process?

Review status is communicated through email notifications. We appreciate your patience during this period.