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Moderating Your Squad

Admin, Moderation, and Privacy Settings

In your role as a Squad admin, you have a wide range of tools and settings to help manage your Squad. This guide will help you understand these options and how to use them effectively.


Note: The provided tools are the most basic ones to get you started with your Squad management. We understand the criticality of robust and comprehensive moderation tools for the success of Squads. Rest assured, we're actively working to add more advanced moderation options and enhancements to this toolkit.

Deleting Posts, Comments, and Blocking Users

As an admin, maintaining a respectful community is in your hands:

  • Deleting Posts or Comments: If a post or comment violates the Squad guidelines, navigate to it, click on the options menu, and select "Delete". Confirm in the pop-up window.
  • Blocking Users: To address repeated guideline breaches, you can block a member. This action will remove them from the Squad and prevent them from rejoining. To unblock and allow them back, you'll need to manually reverse this action. Locate the user in the member list, choose "Block" from their options, and confirm.

Managing Permissions

  • Posting and Inviting: You control who can post in the Squad and who can invite new members. These settings are available under the "Permissions" section in your Squad settings.
  • Group Guidelines: Create a welcome post outlining the group's rules and expectations. Pin it to the top of your Squad feed for easy accessibility.

Member Roles

Your Squad members can have different roles, each with distinct permissions:

  • Member: Can read and write posts, and add comments, based on the permissions you set.
  • Moderator: In addition to member permissions, can delete posts, delete comments, and manage members in line with the rules you set.
  • Admin: The admin, usually the Squad creator, can manage all posts, comments, members, and modify Squad settings, including privacy settings and permissions.

Managing Roles

Promote to moderator cover image

  • Promoting to Moderator/Admin: Find the member you wish to promote in the member list, select "Promote to Moderator" or "Make an Admin" from their options menu. They will now have access to moderation tools.
  • Demoting Moderators: If a moderator isn't fulfilling their duties, demote them back to a member by selecting "Demote to Member" in their options menu.