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Becoming a Public Squad

Introduction to Public Squads

Public Squads are the newest way to feature your content and gain organic exposure on Public Squads, like sources, receive exposure in the feed, regardless of whether users have joined them or not. It offers an unparalleled growth opportunity for engagement and traffic within the community.

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Key features of Public Squads

Public Squads stand out in several ways:

  • Organic exposure: Gain visibility in the feed, similar to how sources are featured.
  • Gain followers: Public Squads can accumulate followers, increasing engagement and reach.
  • Direct interaction: Engage directly with your audience, customizing posts to suit your community's preferences.
  • Manual content uploads: Unlike sources, Public Squads require manual post uploads, offering more control over shared content.

Benefits of being a Public Squad

  • Increased visibility: Engaging content leads to more exposure as users interact and upvote.
  • Community engagement: Actively engage with your audience through discussions, questions, and any type of content you want to post.
  • Apply to get featured in the Public Squads Directory: Public Squads are also elgible to apply to get featured on the the Public Squads Directory, a go-to place for the community to discover new and interesting Squads. Read more about how you can get featured below.

How to become a Public Squad

  1. Start your Squad: Create a Squad with a clear theme or focus.
  2. Post your content: Post at least three representative posts that align with your Squad's ongoing content style.
  3. Apply for review: Submit your Squad for review. Once your Squad passes the review process it will automatically become Public. Currently we accept applications via this online form.

How to increase your chances to pass the review process?

  1. Active engagement. Squads with existing members and active participation are more likely to get approved.
  2. Effective Squad presentation. Craft a compelling Squad name, description, and image that clearly represent its purpose.
  3. Focus on content quality. Make sure that the posts you have on your Squad represent the highest quality of what you have to offer to your community. don't hesitate to go beyond the minimum post requirement to help our team assess your content.
  4. Comply with our content guidelines.

Public Squad status is revocable. Non-compliance with our content guidelines or misuse of the platform can lead to a loss of public status. Exercise this privilege with responsibility.

The Public Squads Directory on is a curated space where community members discover new and engaging Public Squads. Being featured here significantly enhances your Squad's visibility and traffic. If you have a Public Squad an you wish to grow it even further, that's a place you want to be in.

To become elgible for the Public Squads Directory on, your Squad must meet the following criteria:

  1. Public Status: Only Squads that have successfully transitioned to public status are eligible. Private Squads and sources are not included in the directory.
  2. Editorial Selection: The featured Squads in the directory are handpicked by our editorial team, ensuring a selection of high-quality, engaging, and compliant Squads. See more tips on how to increase your chances to get picked by our team below.

This focus on editorially curated content ensures that the Squads featured in the directory represent the best of what's community has to offer, providing users with a diverse and enriching experience.

The selection of Public Squads to be featured in the directory is an editorial decision made by our team. This process ensures that only the most engaging, valuable, and compliant Squads are highlighted.

  1. Consistently post exceptional content: High-quality content is the primary criteria for being featured.
  2. Foster a thriving community: Active engagement and a growing member base can influence your Squad's inclusion in the directory.
  3. Create impactful interactions: Regular posts and discussions that resonate with your audience can elevate your Squad's appeal.

In case you have any further questions regarding Public Squads don't hestitate to reach us out