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The theme option enables you to change the look and feel of by selecting one of the available themes. Currently, the available themes for are:

  • Dark theme
  • Light theme
  • Auto

Dark Theme (default)

The dark theme reduces eye strain and displays mostly dark surfaces on the UI, as seen below:


A dark theme balances the light emitted by a device and the minimal contrast color ratio required for readability. Additionally, Dark theme is known to conserve battery, enabling devices to be used for a longer period of time.

You can set the dark theme for, as seen below:


Light Theme

Light theme uses a white or light color in the background. And it reflects cleanliness and professionalism. In the light theme, the content is clear and readable, so you can easily read through the content in the feed and find what they are looking for in


You can set the light theme for, as seen below:


Auto Theme

This option automatically sets the theme for to Light/Dark based on the theme setting of your browser.