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How to get featured / get your post picked up by

There are 2 ways that posts appear in the feed.

  • The first is that we source it from one of the 600+ sites that we gather posts from.
  • The second is via submissions from the community via Community Picks.

We therefore recommend you publish your posts on well known developer related publications.

Bear in mind that this does not guarantee that your post will get picked up, but it will greatly increase your chances!

For more details please read how to get featured on

How to stop the new tab behaviour?

Click on the "Pause new tab" button in the menu on the app.

You can then set a duration you wish to pause the new tab behaviour for and can even set your preferred default URL during your pause.

Read more about pausing new tab beahviour in our user documentation.

I can't login (or create an account) as my email is being used

You have already registered with, but possibly used Google or GitHub to sign up

The quickest way to solve this is to use the provider you signed up with to login.

However, if you are still having problems (or wish to change to using email and password to sign in), please email with your username and our friendly team will help you resolve it!

How to request a new feature?

Head over to our GitHub discussions page.

There you will find discussions on existing features, head over to our ideas channel and raise any ideas and feature requests there!

I block a tag but I still see posts with that tag!

Blocking is only applied to posts that are displayed on the "My Feed" feed

Blocking a tag does not affect the content on the "Popular", "Most Upvoted" and "Best Discussions" feeds.

These feeds will still show posts with tags that you have blocked.

To make sure you get the most relevant content for you we recommend you setup your personal feed

My weekly reading goals are reseting / not updating?

Our weekly reading goals run from Monday to Sunday.

At midnight (GMT) your weekly reading goal progress is reset, and you start again.

Whatever rank you achieved the week before will be shown and you will see progress indicators towards repeating it.

Bear in mind that we only count 1 post each day towards your reading goal, so even if you read 100 posts one day and then 0 the next day, you will only get 1 day counted towards your weekly reading goal.