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Blocking tags and sources

How does blocking work?

Adjusting your feed is designed to be straightforward. But sometimes, there are specific tags or sources that you just don't want to see at all. This is where blocking plays an important role.

Blocking allows you to:

  1. Remove all articles that contain a specific tag
  2. Remove all articles that come from a specific source

Please note that blocking is only applied on articles that are displayed on My Feed. Other feeds like, Popular, Most Upvoted and Best Discussions are aimed at helping you to discover new content. Therefore, they might still display articles containting tags and sources you blocked. To take full advantage of the blocking features, please set up your personal feed.

Blocking tags

Tags can have the following states:

  • Following / Not following
  • Blocked
Tag A (State)Tag B (State)Will you see the article?
FollowingFollowingโœ… Yes
FollowingNot followingโœ… Yes
Not followingNot followingโŒ No
Not followingBlockedโŒ No
FollowingBlockedโŒ No

Blocking sources

A source can have the following states:

  • Following (default for all sources)
  • Blocked
Source (State)Will you see the article?
Followingโœ… Yes
BlockedโŒ No

How to block tags and sources

Blocking tags and sources can be done directly from the feed. Whenever you see a post with a tag/source you wish to block, click on the more options button (โ‹ฎ)

  • To block a tag -> Choose โ€œNot interested in #tag_nameโ€œ
  • To block a source -> Choose "Don't show articles from #source_name "

Once clicked, the blocked tags and sources will be removed from your feed.


If you can't find an article from a specific tag or source you wish to block, try using the search feature.

How to unblock tags and sources

Blocked tags and sources are all managed in one place: the sidebar. The first step would be to open the sidebar by clicking on the โš™๏ธ icon -> Choose "Blocked items"

Once done, you should be able to unblock tags and sources using the following menu: