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Do not disturb

Content consumption can be distracting at times. Whenever you open a new tab, see some exciting recent news, you start reading it. We understand your concern. That's why we have built a DND feature.

Choose this option if you want to disable the extension temporarily.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Snooze, or as we call it, Do Not Disturb mode allows you to turn off for a while. Currently, there are five options available for you to snooze

  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • Until tomorrow
  • Custom (lets you set the exact amount of time you want to be in DND)

Configuring an alternative default new tab (optional)

Once you enter Do Not Disturb, you will be redirected to a default URL every time you open a new tab. In most browsers, the default is Google search.

However, you can select a different URL used as your new tab while you're on Do Not Disturb.