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How to get featured on

What will be covered here?

One of the most common questions we get from our community is "how to get my article picked up by". In this post, I'll cover a few ways and best practices that you can use to get a chance to be featured on

How to get your article picked up?

Practically there are three primary ways you can get featured on

  1. Publish guest articles on well-known publications
  2. Publish articles on developer blogging platforms
  3. Publish a new and original article on our blog

Option 1 - Publish guest articles on well-known publications

Probably the most reliable way to get an article you wrote to be picked by is to publish it on a well-known programming publication. Many of those publications are already included in the source list of

By now, all of the significant developer-related magazines are serving as a content source of To find out if a specific magazine is a content source on, please use the search function in our feed.

Once you find one magazine you like, we suggest checking if they allow guest posting on their publication. Then go through the guest posting process of the publication you chose. Once the article gets published, it will be picked up by

Option 2 - Publish articles on developer blogging platforms

Nowadays, many developers choose to host their blogs on a blogging platform. The main advantage of this method is that you can get people to discover your content. Whereas building a new website will take you much time and effort to build your readership. Each platform has its own merits, and we are not affiliated with any of them.

However, to give you an easy head-start, you may want to check out developer blogging platforms such as Hashnode, DEV, Medium, or Hacker Noon. All of the platforms were qualified as content sources of

Note: we are not collecting all the articles published on blogging platforms. Our system will only pick an article from a blogging platform once it has gained enough traction/engagement on it. That's our way to ensure that we source qualified content.

Option 3 - Submit a new and original article to

One of the sources of is our own in-house blog. Here's the process of how to submit a story to our blog. Please read the instructions carefully before submitting a guest post.

Getting notified when your article is featured

We've built a system that notifies the authors of articles once their posts are picked up by Learn more about the features we have to offer for content creators.

Wrap up

Getting featured on is straightforward if you follow the methods mentioned above. Whether you publish your post in a magazine or on a developer blogging platform shouldn't make a big difference. So go ahead and pick the optimal method that works for your best interest.