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What is​​​​

Introduction is a browser extension and a web app that helps developers stay updated on the latest programming news. Essentially it's a feed of posts we gather from the best tech blogs on any programming topic.

How does work?

When you use for the first time, you will see the hottest development news presented as a feed. Although it might look simple on the surface, behind it, there's an entire engine. To generate a feed, three main processes happen:

  1. Collection
  2. Ranking
  3. Filtering

Let's learn more about each one of these processes.

How are the posts collected?

We collect posts from more than 400 content sources. A content source can be a tech magazine, publication, blog, or developer blogging platform. It might surprise you, but it's so simple. We collect the post through RSS feeds publicly provided by the qualified sources of Once every few minutes, we check for new pieces in the RSS feeds, and if found, we add them to

At the current scale of our platform, just being picked doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to get traffic. Once your post is picked up by, it means it's on our feed, but it might be in a high or low position. Obviously, the higher a post is ranked, the more exposure it will get. If you're interested in learning how the ranking works, keep reading.


If you're running a publication aiming to distribute content for developers, please read our content guidelines to learn more about our new source requests review process.

How are the posts ranked?

Ranking changes based on the feed that the user is watching. There are four feeds on, and each feed has its ranking logic:

  1. Popular Feed (Default)
  2. Upvoted Feed
  3. Discussed Feed
  4. Recent Feed

To learn more, please visit our Feeds guide.

How does the filtering work?

That's a great question! Once we've collected and ranked posts, the last process is to filter them. Filtering is our way to help you personalize your feed according to your specific interests. By applying certain filters on your feed, will super-charge it with relevant content!

The easiest way to start is by using the sidebar to choose tags you want to follow, and the feed will automatically curate relevant content accordingly.


To learn more about filtering, read our doc about Setting up your feed.