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Community Picks Submission Guidelines

What are Community Picks?

Community Picks are articles that are scouted out and submitted by the community. These articles then appear in the feed like any other article.

Nearly any article, from nearly any website, can be submitted as long as it is related to tech / development.

To get access to this feature you first need to earn the Scout privilege (min. 250 reputation points). Only people with the Scout privilege can submit links and are limited to 3 submissions per day.

You can read more about how to submit and use Community Picks here.

General guidelines on submitting Community Picks

We want you to submit articles that made a real difference to your tech journey. Whether they are in-depth tutorials, interesting perspectives on tech problems, or well thought out and high-effort entertainment pieces aimed at developers.

Above all, we want articles that you believe need more exposure, from authors you admire, that you believe will benefit the developer community.

Low effort, poor quality and (self) promotional content will be removed to ensure a high standard on the platform.



The Community Picks feature is still in Beta, as such these guidelines are provisional and are likely to change to ensure we uphold high standards on the feed

We work hard to ensure that we only intervene on low quality, low effort and or repetitive articles that do not benefit the community, and not in any way that introduces bias towards any one point of view.

Hopefully, the following guidelines will help you ensure that articles you scout out for the community are well received:

What do we want to see submitted?

  • High Quality and developer-orientated content.
  • In-depth tutorials, how-to’s, and guides.
  • Interesting articles that explore tech-related topics and challenges that may spark positive discussion and debate.
  • Reviews of new technologies, tech / dev product releases and overviews of new technologies to help the community stay up to date on the latest developments in tech.
  • Fresh perspectives on existing technologies, technical challenges, and personal development guidance for devs and people in tech.
  • Safe for work content, we have people from diverse backgrounds in our community, please keep the Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content on other platforms to help protect people who may be vulnerable / sensitive to such content.
  • Breaking Tech news is welcomed if it is valuable to the developer community and may affect their professional career in some way, or provide valuable insights into the future of tech. For example, articles about big public releases that have not been covered by mainstream media, large incident reports for outages or data breaches etc. are highly desired to keep the community informed.

Do not submit

Your own posts, promotional content, top 10s, listicles, vs articles, low-quality content, shallow or non-professional content, shortened URLs, redirected URLs or clickbait.

  • Your own posts - Community Picks is about highlighting amazing articles from our community, not self-promotion.
  • Shortened URLs / Redirected URLs - Please always submit the final and full URL (including the protocol e.g. Any URLs submitted must not redirect or they will be rejected.
  • Promotional content - Community Picks are not meant for product and or Services promotion. If you want to promote your product or service, why not enquire about advertising on
  • Roadmaps - Roadmaps are subjective and often full of very opinionated and misleading information, we would prefer you not add them to avoid confusion.
  • Top 10s, Listicles - There are thousands of top 10 style, low-effort listicles that add very little value, we do not want these cluttering up the Community feed. (For clarity though, if they contain in-depth explanations, original and detailed reviews, etc. these are acceptable.)
  • Vs Articles - Product X vs Product Y articles tend to be spammy and offer little value as they are normally opinionated. As such we have decided we would prefer you not submit them at all.
  • Low-quality content - If articles contain lots of grammatical errors, are poorly structured, contain walls of text, etc. (essentially are very hard to follow / consume due to them being poor quality) then these will be removed from the feed.
  • Shallow or non-professional content - Content that only skims the surface of a subject. Articles should contain enough information to fully explain a point or answer a specific question fully.
  • Clickbait - If an article does not deliver on the promise of the title we consider that clickbait. So if the title was “the ultimate expert’s guide to xxx” and it was only an introduction to what that technology is, we would consider that clickbait. Additionally, titles that give no indication whatsoever of the contents of the article will likely be considered clickbait “You should start using this one weird trick today”.

What happens if I submit an article that is deleted?

The first time you submit an article that we believe contravenes the above guidelines we will just remove it and send a friendly reminder email.

However, if you keep submitting another article that contravenes the same point we will penalize you 100 reputation points.

If you continually submit too many articles that contravene our guidelines, we may remove your “Scout” privilege entirely and indefinitely so you can no longer submit Community Picks. (It is worth noting this is highly unlikely unless you are deliberately trying to submit spam on a consistent basis).